Friday, 31 July 2015

News from Kingston - August 2015

June and July have rolled by and quite a roller coaster time – For St James’ Church and those associated with Kingston, it has been very sad, losing our long serving Churchwarden, David Scott, whose ancestor, Lord Eldon founded the Church. Our thoughts are with David’s family at this time. He was such a well-known, kindly man, a true gentleman and he leaves a big gap in the local community. The Church was full to overflowing in July as people said their goodbyes and heard fond tributes of the huge contribution he has made through his lifetime across the local area.

Recently also we have seen the passing of dear Cyril Garvey, husband of Brenda, and our heartfelt sympathy is also with her at this time. Thankfully there have been several weddings which bring joy to village and we wish each of the couples a long and happy marriage. 

The village is struggling this year in many ways with arranging bigger events, so regrettably there will be no fête this August. There is insufficient support to take on such an event this summer. The Christmas Tree Festival also can no longer continue at Kingston with insufficient helpers for such a big event. In the light of this, we are trying to fund raise in different ways and would like to attempt a new event in September, but we do need local people to be involved in helping to achieve this.

Please consider whether you can offer to participate in any way with the Flowers Crafts and Music event. If so, please see details about the planned Festival and get in touch. If not, at least try to encourage someone you know and pass on information to those who might not have heard about it (the Dubber only covers the villages). The regular fundraisers (Roderick, Peter, Cynthia, Doreen, Mike P, Felicity) and others have done three recent events and raised nearly £900, through Cream Teas, Music afternoons, opening the Tower and running a few stalls at the Air Ambulance Day. We have been grateful to all the other regular supporters like Robin and Myra, Sue Ing, Margaret, George and Rosemary and various friends from Worth and Langton. Have a good summer. 

Don’t forget there is a website for Kingston so have a browse sometime.

Judy Forgan

Last Reminder:

Flowers, Crafts and Music Festival
St James’ Church, Kingston
Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 September. 

Do you want to be involved?

We are still in need of a few more offers of floral arrangements, and firm commitments from others, for the event to take place. I was hoping to have local organisations & businesses promoting their group (provide an A4 notice, with the flowers). The overall theme is ‘Foods from the Bible’ – so each arrangement will hopefully have some focus on items selected from the list. Eg Bread, Wine, Olives, Milk, Honey, spices, dates, oil, etc. but please do contact me by email – see below to confirm. There is still space for 2 -3 craft demonstrations if anyone else would like to offer their skills for either the Saturday or the Sunday (no charge if demonstrating). Alternatively if you want to sell crafts you can book a table for one of the two days or both, at a cost of £10 a day. Again, please contact me for the booking form. If you are part of a music group, or happy to support the event for a session, we would welcome any offers for Saturday afternoon, or Sunday morning. Finally we have a small band of regular helpers but would also appreciate any offers with serving teas and coffees for a couple of hours on either day. For any of the above please speak to Judy Forgan (481629 or 07724 325 735) or preferably email her on

Please do not delay as we need to know definite contributions by 14 August or the event may risk being cancelled.

Judy Forgan

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